What's MOLUTI?

MOLUTI is a tool for personal analytics. See our About Page.

What's Personal Analytics?

Personal analytics is the idea that you can visualise and explore what you do online, recognise trends and recurrent activities, find again things that you have found before and even share your findings with others through moluti.com and social networks.

Why is that useful?

Having a good personal analytics tools give you the possibility to reflect and get feedback about what you do online, possibly find ways to be more efficient, get back to websites and systems you have seen before, the ones you visit often as well as occasionally (or even only once), get others to benefit from your experience... If the usage of personal analytics interest you, this report gives a more complete answer to this question.

Why does it only work with Chrome?

Well... we have to start somewhere! We are activly working on porting MOLUTI to a variety of other platforms (including other browsers, mobiles, etc.)

What do you do with my data?

If you are just using the MOLUTI Chrome extension, basically nothing! We don't collect any data from you!

All of the web browsing history information that the MOLUTI extension displays is obtained from the browser, and is processed within your browser, on your computer, with nothing being sent to us

Of course, it is different when you use the "Share Browsing-List" feature. This feature makes a set of links you select and edit available online for others to explore, browse and see. See our Terms and Privacy notices for more details.

What's the thing with the comic strip look?

Well... we just like comics really. If we were not a bunch of geeks, we would have liked to write comics. Since we only have limited talent, we read them instead, and make applications.

Who develops MOLUTI?

MOLUTI is developed and own by Mean-Tech Ltd.

It is not working well, or I think it could be better, how can I provide feedback?

We would be grateful for any suggestion or comment. Please contact us!

Give it a try!