The MOLUTI chrome extension currently does not transfer personal or any other user generated information without the explicit use of the "Share Browse List" feature from the user. Besides the use of this feature, any communication you might have with the MOLUTI website and Mean-Tech Ltd. will be treated as confidential, unless otherwise specified and agreed.

The "Share Browse List" feature of the MOLUTI Chrome Extension allows users to share lists of links online through the MOLUTI website. These links are recorded by us and associated to the user's account (povided by Facebook). The list of links that you might share with us through this feature can be edited by you, but will otherwise be made publicly visible to others.

We do our best to keep the information you share with us safe and secured. You can obtain a full record of all the information we hold about you, and request information to be removed from our database by contacting us.

We do monitor traffic on the MOLUTI website, for our own need. Actually, we use PIWIK which, contrary to many other systems, is open source and does not require us to process traffic data through third party services. This system is using cookies and you can desactivate the use of cookies in your browser to prevent your traffic being monitored.

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